Celebrating Raeleen’s Birthday


When I was a teenager I suffered from severe depression. One of the things that did bring me joy though was the children that I babysat. There were several families from my church that I would babysit for. One of them was for the Young Women’s President in my ward. I absolutely loved spending time at their house. They were fun and kind and it was always such a loving, caring, accepting spirit in their home. Each of the children were amazing and had qualities that were unique to them that made them amazing.

Raeleen has many gifts, qualities and talents that placed her in my heart and mind daily for the decades since then. Raeleen accepted life and all it threw at her with a joyful and grateful spirit. She could make me, or anyone, laugh no matter what their mood. She made you feel loved just by being near you. She had enthusiasm and love for life and always looked for new adventures to take or mountains to conquer.

She also spent every second of every day in pain, with a medical condition that saw Raeleen face a life of medical procedures, wheelchairs, hospitals and limited mobility…physically. Raeleen could move mountains though. She changed  hearts as she found the good in each day, saw the blessings in life and created a more loving joyful world.

I haven’t seen this beautiful family or the incredible RaeRae in many decades, but my world was still a better place just knowing Raeleen was in it. Over three years ago heaven became a better place and the world seemed a little less joyful as I heard of Raeleen’s passing. But the world still is and always will be a better place because of Raeleen’s influence, because of her love, her spirit and so today I am sure heaven is having a party for the angel who changed the world with joy. And may we all celebrate by doing what we can to make the world more joyful too.

if we were all like angels2


I searched for a picture I had of Raeleen from the family’s time in London but was unable to find one. Happy Birthday Beautiful Angel Raeleen.

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