Happy To Be Me….


When I was younger I used to wish I was someone else….anyone else. It didn’t matter who I just didn’t want to be me. I was challenged by someone I respected to live my life finding something to be grateful for in every experience and every person in my life. To spend each night as I was about to go to sleep to lay and think about what I was thankful for in each person and each situation throughout the day. I used to lay in bed and pick apart what I did in a day. I would point out to myself something stupid I said, or think of the reasons I was stressed out life. All the things I needed to happen so I wouldn’t be stressed out. That changed.


It’s funny as I started listing the things and people I was thankful for I realized how great my life really is….I also realized I wouldn’t have so many amazing awesome people in my life if there weren’t some good qualities about me. I realized people actually kinda liked me, which allowed me to kinda like myself…then I learned to relax and be myself more. Yea, I have faults…thats who I am. Everyone does…but I’m still living an awesome life because it is filled with awesome people who accept me for who I am and are okay with me being myself. I don’t live life trying to live up to anyone else’s standards anymore because I’ve come to realize the people who really love you and care…will want you to do what truly makes you happy. It took being a mom to truly understand this. It is comforting and empowering to know your life is filled with incredible love ones who care about you. I am blessed with people in my life who are happy being awesome…and who let me be me. Which means I’m happy being me…I wouldn’t want to be anyone else and that is a gift I am grateful for every moment of every day. Life becomes awesome when you see the awesome people in it and get to just be you.

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