Fear Isn’t Always A Bad Thing…Facing New Challenges

Quote-about-fear-Fear-is-nothing-more-than-an-obstacleIt is amazing when we force ourselves to take on new challenges in life how much we can learn…about the new journey and about yourself. Life has become so much less stressful as I learned to accept life and the people in it as they are. Be grateful for the good and compassionate in the bad. Treat yourself the same way. Look for the good, by challenging yourself to bring it out. Be compassionate, learn from and accept the bad. No failure is insurmountable. No hole is too deep to crawl out of…I know I began my journey in an abyss deeper than the grand canyon…and yet a good life came out of it. An amazing daughter, a loving relationship, close friendships with my parents, incredible friends and the ability and opportunity help others. I can help them because I have walked the journey I have. Life didn’t turn out anything like I could have or would have imagined. It is not the destination I started out to reach, but I wouldn’t change anything.

So many fears of the past have led to my life being as it is…so I face fears now with an excitement of the unknown because I know that the greatest fears in life can lead to the most awesome experiences and most precious people. So life I say, bring it on…yes the fear may paralyze me for a minute, a day or a week but when I do get back on my feet and face my fear…I end up surrounded by incredible people, having learned priceless lessons and more grateful for life than ever before.

Due to a headache and long day at work I’ll share others words of wisdom ….

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