You Are So Beautiful To Me…


I am surrounded by beautiful, strong individuals,

Who live their lives with love and grace,

With courage they continue on their path,

No matter what they may face.

Each has their own mountain to climb,

and must endure their darkest night,

But I see the beauty of each soul,

As they finally reach the sunlight,

After the long cold rain,

They stop to comfort and tend,

Another aching souls pain.

No one I know has it all,

No one has a perfect life,

But each one has learned to love,

While dealing with their strife,

As I think of each friend I have,

And each person that I love,

I see they are a miracle to me,

Sent from my loving Father above.

I am in awe of the strength of each and every person I know. Each one has their greatest loves and passions. Each has their greatest fears and regrets. Each has been a survivor, each has been a soldier fighting their personal life war. Each is victorious because they are loved, because they face their lives with strength and grace.

Sometimes you may feel like life is a mess and you are a mess and you are barely holding things together….but you are beautiful because you are doing it! You are amazing not because you had no troubles but because you had the biggest troubles life could throw at you and you are carrying on. I know it may sound stupid but I am amazed that every single person I know has turned out as incredible as they are. I am amazed you endured what you have. Whatever your personal journey has been….A loss of a child, a loss of a spouse, a parent, marriages and heartbreak, illnesses and struggles. Life has shoved each of you to the ground in your own way, and yet you keep getting up, dusting yourself off and continuing the journey.

821282-bigthumbnail lifes_journey

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