What Really Matters…

what really matters

As I have gotten older and experienced more in life the things that are important to me have changed, the list of things I worry about has grown smaller, the people I love have increased.

Life is so much more peaceful when you don’t sweat the small stuff. I have always been a worrier. I spent too much time in my life worrying about what other people thought of me. In fact, even though I have always been kind hearted and concentrated on helping others I have in the past had a very self absorbed view of life.  I would worry about what I looked like to others, what others thought about me, how they made me feel or how they could affect my life. I wanted to make other people happy and spent all my efforts trying to make them happy with me….I was miserable….and rarely succeeded in pleasing the people around me because life was filled with feelings of guilt for not measuring up, anxiety for always trying to be good enough, sadness for failing to be perfect. While all my worry was on others, my focus was on me and my inadquacies.


It took me a long time to realize I had it all backwards. I needed to stop worrying about if my choices made others happy and focus on how it made me feel. I wanted to be a compassionate person so I needed to make my choices with compassion. It didn’t matter what anyone elses choices were, or what they felt about me. It didn’t matter if I proved I was right or made them like me. I had to make each choice with compassion because of who I am not who they are.

I wanted to have a home and live a life filled with love. I needed to stop searching for the situation or person that would bring that into my life. I needed to make each choice, live each moment with love, then it didn’t matter what anyone around me did, or any situation happened. There was love in the moment because I brought it to the moment. It also helped me focus on the love of others in each moment. Instead of looking for my faults, or what was wrong with the experience I am now able to find the love that is expressed and shared.

Things that used to worry me or get me upset don’t any more. I know we will get through it because we have gotten through every other bad day we’ve had. Love will truly give you the strength to get through any situation, experience, trial or difficulty. Learning to love yourself will help you appreciate the journey and understand the love and tender mercies along the way.

I am grateful for the people and blessings that fill my life with love. For showing me what really matters in life and helping me find a life of peace no matter what the turmoil because it is a life filled with love.

what really matters what-really-matters Dec. 13

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