Tell Me The Story…


Each wrinkle is a story

of the things you have been through,

Each is a memory

that helped create you,

Some of them are loving

some make you smile,

Some you get lost in

and just sit quiet for a while,

There are times that you get angry

for the troubles that you’ve had,

And I know that you have regrets

that make you really sad,

But once you learn from them

think of life’s laughter and joy,

And all the love in life

that nothing could destroy,

Sing an old song to me

that was a favorite one,

And I’ll share some too

if you like when you’re done,

Tell me of the times

everything worked out just right,

Or when you were so excited

you stayed up all through the night,

Who were your favorite people

to always have around,

And what was the coolest thing

in your life you ever found,

Tell me about all the things

you recall that made you happy,

Cause that is where the focus of life

is really meant to be.

Life-Quotes-07 Life-Quotes-17

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