London Health Sciences Centre Says It Needs Help…Here’s A Thought…


Concentrate on the patients needs rather than the hospitals needs….maybe the 7 pages of hospital board members that make between $100 000 and $580 000 a year could donate a bit of their salary or not spend so much money on technology that will get you in research papers and bragging rights and actually get back to caring about the patients…You expect floor staff like nurses, psws, occupational therapists, etc to do the job of more than one person…yet so many people making so much money are essential to the patients who don’t have care in their room.Hire me I can help your problems….I can make things better….

Give me a room in or near emergency where psychiatric patients in crisis waiting for admission for days can wait in a more suitable environment…I will decorate it…I will find a little fridge and fill it with juice and water and snacks so the patient and family are not more stressed with every waiting second…they are not spending hours being ignored in emergency sitting in a trauma or first aid room. They can be in a room that is comfortable, I will provide options of music to calm them and take their mind off the crisis or suicidal thoughts that brought them in. I will sit with them and update their loved one of what is going on so that they feel supported, so they can talk out their stress….I will tell them I am not there to give advice, just to listen….it will be an emergency listening room. When overcrowding is upstairs and a patient is being admitted they will not arrive on the floor 10 days later feeling frustrated, unappreciated or understood. They will know that someone cares….

I will train your nurses to show compassion and interact with patients so they do not spend the entire day pacing hallways or staring at walls becoming more desperate as they spend each day waiting for help that never really arrives. They will leave knowing that they were respected…not looked down on, not seen as a burden.  They will not need to feel they have to be violent to get someone to listen to them or notice their pain or situation. No I can not stop all violence that occurs. Working with dementia patients and with mental health issues I have been smacked, spit on, verbally or physically threatened or attacked. It is a dangerous profession. It is also a profession that needs compassion. Denying rights and privledges for patients because you don’t have staff that are trained or enough to provide proper care is completely unacceptable and inhumane….

Give me a salary of $40 000 and I will spend my life making each and every mental health patient and family struggling with their crisis know they are cared about, their needs are being listened to, and they are not sitting in a cold medical emergency room for days- forgotten and not understood.

Give me six months, a room for the Emergency Listening room and a room for my supplies to make their stay as comfortable and healing as possible. Less patients will need to be admitted, less will escalate to violence in frustration, less will remain in crisis. Let me sit with the elderly dementia patient and keep them comfortable…to get them a blanket or glass of juice. You will never find me in a nurses station…because my station is beside a person in need. I have spent a great deal of time working on hospital floors, sitting in emergency rooms or visiting patients in medical, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals…too many staff spend too much time sitting down. I know there are charts to do and medications to record….if that is where you need all the nurses than have a “patient Care” staff who is actually hired to care. Who will sit and listen to a story or take the time to massage sore feet. If you want less stressed, violent, overwhelmed patients and staff….stop focusing on the hospitals needs first and put the patients needs where they belong….when was the last time you spent a day or night as a patient on a psychiatric or medical floor in your hospital? Before you take the needs and rights of patients away, or say “sorry we just can’t do that we don’t have the staff or money or beds”…spend a night there, see patients experience from a hospital room not a board room.

You want help….stop paying the people in offices of your hospital so much money and use that money for actual patient needs…stop scrimping on how many incontenence products a patient should use in a day and start scrimping on the executive catering bill…I decorate cakes and bake amazing treats…I could bring the refreshments myself….You would solve a great deal of your problems by realizing what the actual problem is….

You have to show each and every human being who walks through your hospital doors in need that you care…that you actually listened to their need, not rushed them out because you need the bed or don’t have the staff to care….You don’t need help…you need someone who actually cares!


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1 Response to London Health Sciences Centre Says It Needs Help…Here’s A Thought…

  1. gnarfflinger says:

    It reminds me of a line in Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Something about most solutions to unhappiness involving the movements of little green pieces of paper. This is odd, because it is not the little green pieces of paper that are unhappy. It sounds like the money has become a distraction to the people at the top…

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