Prescription For Basic Needs…Compassion First And Always.

pay doctors but should pay farmers

I think we should change our approach to Health Care. Doctors who are paid for each test they run, each visit they have…keep it to one problem per visit….wait in the waiting room for an hour but you can only have five minutes of the doctors time once they finally show up…they want to get paid for taking care of you when you are sick…. I wish they would concentrate more on keeping us healthy than on treating us when we are not….

If doctors took the time to see what is really going on with a patient instead of putting a time limit and symptom quota on visits for illnesses that could have been prevented if the patient had a Health team that concentrated on creating a healthy life not treating a sick one. Help patients and families relieve the stress that causes the illness that has them in hospital. Give them the resources they need to provide a healthy life for their family and themselves.

There are Health Leads programs in various places around the world from Washington DC to Australia where patients who have basic needs that are not being met can get a prescription to meet those needs. No wandering aimlessly, hopelessly from agency to agency begging for help…


Add a Listening/Wellness Emergency Centre where Mental Health and Stress issues can be addressed before, during and after crisis. It will relieve hospital emergency rooms of being overwhelmed with Mental Health patients, stress related illnesses and having patients waiting days in Emergency room bays to be admitted….getting no real help…One in Five Canadians will deal with a mental illness…each of them have a family that will also have to deal with that illness.

Between 3 and 4 millions Canadians are living in poverty…that not only affects their pocketbook, it affects their health, their quality of life, their ability to reach their potential and give back to their families, communities, world.

According to the City of London Website:

In 2011, 16.7 per cent of people living in London were living below the LIM threshold.  …..We are failing these people London!…We need to find a better way. We need to meet their needs.


It doesn’t do someone any good for them to go to emergency and be told they need to eat healthier or take a certain prescription of pills (to suppliment what they would have if they ate right) and then be sent out the door with no way of filling that order. Fresh food is expensive, and not easy to budget for when you are living below the poverty line. I was there, I know. Resources, Healthy food prescriptions, Community Gardens that supply some of the healthy food and provide skills training, relaxation and food to patients who grow the food as a choice of therapy or rehabilitation for stress…something to add to a resume as well…and the right nutrients to have the energy and brain function to meet their potential. Malnutrition affects your ability to think. Your brain actually stops working properly, depression and other mental health issues become strong concerns and over all health is affected. We can save Health Care, we can save lives and the problem of overcrowding in hospitals…if we show compassion first and always.

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