CAS Leadership Lost Their Way….Maybe I Have Too…


Yesterday I read two recent articles in the London Free Press about the Children’s Aid Society. Many important, helpful programs such as a Parenting Skills program, Teen Transitioning to Independence program, Family visits, Life Skills programs are all being cut. At the same time there are more senior executives making over $100 000 than other similar agencies, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on renovations to leased property that they won’t be staying in, and huge managerial costs. When their budget was cut because of their overspending they chose to shut down much needed programs.

The youth in care need love, attention, life skills, confidence, an investment in them….not in money but in time. They need someone to invest their heart and soul to helping them through this tough time and to help them become who they have the potential to be. Life has already let them down, been tougher than it was ever meant to be and it is heartbreaking to see these support programs being taken away from them.

I wish I was independantly wealthy. I would spend my days teaching Leadership, Self Worth and Life Skills workshops to youth. I would spend my life trying to reach CEOs, managers, Health Care and Social Services professionals and have Compassion training as a mandatory part of their career education. If more emphasis was on how much time we invested in each child and less on how much money was, we would see a greater result.

Maybe Executives should go back to being paid by the hour so they work for the money they earn. I know it must be a terrible job with horrible and difficult decisions to make but how do you continue to make decisions to better your life with high salaries, expense accounts, fancy offices and benefits for you when you are cutting programs that are needed….

It made me think about my decisions in life. I often spend money in my life on small frivolous things. Things I want but don’t need. I spend a great deal of my time when not working at home laying in bed. I know there are children in need, homeless who are cold and hungry, sick who need care, grieving who need comfort and yet I choose to spend money on treats for myself when I have a fridge full of food or clothes when I have a closet full and spend time resting or relaxing when there is work to be done. I think sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do and by how little resources I have to do it…

I am the blessed Executive of my life and what I do with my time, money, energy and skill is my choice, do I use it to help those in need or sit in my “Executive office” of life and keep my time and money for myself… Just as the Executives at CAS will have to answer for their mis spending and cutting support to those in need…I will someday have to do the same for how I spent my life budget.

Article from London Free Press on CAS program cuts




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