My Salute To Flight Attendants…

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Today I was watching a news channel that was talking about the crash of the Germanwings flight. All of the news coverage was about the co-pilot that crashed the plane. I was disappointed. I started to think about the people I really wanted to know about…the ones who didn’t choose to die…everyone else on the plane. Then I started to think about the flight attendants and how they go to work each and every day with the possibility of an emergency happening, one that could potentially take their lives. They are the ones that everyone looks to in an emergency. The ones everyone complains to as they try to meet the needs of every person who is staring at them waiting for them to get to their needs.

A plane recently crash landed in Halifax. Thankfully no one was killed. I thought of the demands on the flight attendants about that plane. They must face an aircraft full of people at probably the scariest moment of their lives and do their job. And yet in news interviews afterwards I only heard a few passengers stop to pay tribute to the amazing job the flight attendants did throughout the emergency. Other passengers were ready to sue the airline for making them stand in the cold without their coats until emergency transportation/shelter was arranged. I am sure these angry individuals did not make the crews jobs any easier. I salute the flight attendants aboard that flight and all other flights and while I have only flown about a dozen times in my life I wanted to give Flight Attendants the following tribute:

Dear Flight Attendant Thank you for all the things you do,

For smiling kindly as you see a grandma safely to her seat,

and not yelling when tripped for the 100th time by some guys feet,

Thank you for pushing little carts down little aisles with drinks and little snacks,

And not losing it on someone when the prices cause verbal attacks,

Thank you for helping energetic tired children see their family far away,

And for looking after a hung over loved one after a family wedding day,

Thank you for listening patiently to every travel horror story,

And even though it’s not your fault you smile and say you’re sorry,

Thank you for always being prepared for unimaginable emergencies,

And when they happen for keeping calm in the face of everyones pleas,

Thank you for going to work each day prepared to face the worst

And dealing with tipsy passengers who can’t quench their thirst,

You help babies with sore ears and frazzled moms afraid to fly,

deal with rudeness and impatience that would make anybody cry,

Thank you for making us feel safer when hurling through the air,

And for finding the strength somehow each day to still be there.

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