Saying Goodbye

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It’s so hard to take each breath,

Knowing you are gone,

It’s like a bad dream on a night,

That has no breaking dawn,

There were words left to say,

And sentiments to share,

But now that you are really gone,

They sit in silence and stare,

Maybe you didn’t know goodbyes,

Would cause so much pain,

Or that your loved ones would cry,

Tears like drops of rain,

You didn’t find the good in you,

Others could feel and see,

Now you know how loved you are,

And how missed you will be,

Did you think of the tears,

Falling faster than the rain,

Or did you just want to stop,

Your own internal pain,

Did you understand the sorrow,

That so many now feel,

Do you understand now,

Their love for you was always real.

Is it raining where you are,

Has the sun gone away,

Or did you take the light with you,

When you chose not to stay


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