Angel Whispers for Mother’s Day

11001823_10153984913625021_3192046330896433396_nA friend asked that I repost a poem I wrote in My Notes on Facebook for other Angel Moms to have…

On the special day honouring those we call mom,

It’s a day of tears & broken hearts for some,

They will not hear the word spoken out loud,

They must listen for whispers from a heavenly cloud,

The word “mom” once seemed so sweet for them to hear,

Now it just means longing for their angel child to be near,

And while the days seem drearier than ever before,

The spirit whispers of overwhelming blessings yet in store,

The heavens are especially bright on every Mother’s day,

And filled with loving thoughts Angel children want to say,

Sometimes a humble bird will sing their loving songs,

Or a butterfly will bring love to mom’s heart where it belongs,

Flowers bloom in thanks to the greatest moms of all,

Those who cannot hear “mom” as their angels call,

Angel moms must find rainbows sent on a cloudy day,

As a sign their angel’s Heavenly love is never far away,

And while no hugs are given & no cards are made,

The love of angels and their moms never start to fade,

The gifts of love may be more subtle and harder to find,

But are very real gifts for mom’s heart and mind,

Whispers from Heaven so mom knows her angel’s there,

 bring gifts of the eternal love moms and angels share.

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