What Is Your Problem??


ok here is my rant for the morning….I was reading the paper and there is a 19 year old London woman who is organizing a protest at Sunfest to have women attend the festival topless because she feels her rights are being infringed upon by women being expected to wear shirts in public….
Are there not greater concerns in the world….why is our society so self-centered that our young people feel the biggest worries in the world today are whether they can wear see through tops and mini skirts to school, or hold parades to celebrate their sexuality…

there are people in Canada who don’t have clean fresh water to drink, others who live in food deserts and can’t get affordable food to eat, there is violence killing our young people and there are thousands who are homeless.

We have men, women and children going missing and being murdered. Others being abused, with no where to turn. There are animals being neglected and mental health patients going without care.

Do we really live in a world where all we worry about is ourselves? Is being able to wear daisy dukes to school or bear your breasts in a public park really the biggest problem our world faces? What are we teaching our youth that they look around the world and think going topless or protesting school dress codes are the “noble causes” worth fighting for? Maybe this young woman can donate her clothes since she doesn’t want to wear them….I am sure there are some people praying for enough clothes to wear and food to eat that would actually appreciate the privelege of having them.

Ok Rant over…. May you have a blessed day, and find a way to help someone else have one too.


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