An Honour To Be Here…


As I sit in the dim lit night listening to each breath you take, I feel a humble gratitude. It is an honour to be here. To know that you feel safe and will smile each time you open your eyes and see me. That when you ask “who is this?” and I say it’s me, I feel blessed that you reply with “Ahh my sweetheart” and are glad I am there. I am priveleged to be able to wipe your brow when you wake confused and afraid, holding your hand as you fall back asleep softly singing your favorite song. I am grateful to have the honour of being your Comfort.

It is an honour to be there when you need help to make it through the day, with things others take for granted. I have learned so much from each task I perform for you. Mostly I have learned gratitude…for you, my life, for my family, for each day and each simple movement I am able to make, each thought I am able to have, each helping hand I am honoured to give.

As I help change you into dry clothes and make you comfortable, it is an honour to be here. To see the strength of your spirit prevail over any weakness in your body. I am grateful to share in your life. I feel blessed to listen to your stories of years gone by and find joy in the songs we sing.

It was an honour to be here as a stroke survivor could smile at my jokes or find comfort as I sat and held their hand. To humbly search for the words of comfort and care they long to hear. To have family know their loved one was being cared for with all the tenderness and compassion of sister, daughter or mother. Heavenly Father trusted me to be His hands of comfort as I do my job caring for others. With each patient I picture my brother, dad, mom, daughter or grandmother. Each has been a patient before, needing another’s care. I prayed with my whole heart that a kind, compassionate caregiver would be there.

It is an honour to be here…to have the chance to be Heavenly Father’s answer to some family member’s or patient’s prayer.




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