Dear Prime Minister of Canada… Present or Future….


I seldom engage in conversation about politics. Not that I don’t want to hear their opinion. I find all opinions interesting and love to learn how individuals view the world with such passionate views. I often watch documentaries, read books by politicians, watch Parliment sessions on CPAC. I love the idea of governments from all sides working together to make the best Canada they can and finding solutions to the problems of our Country. I don’t usually engage in political conversation because often people end up trashing each other and because I am not wise enough to have an opinion.

I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of politics and quite frankly would never want the pressure of being a politician. It seems to be a job where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There is never a problem free day and there are always people looking for answers that you are suppose to have. If I were Prime Minister I would feel too responsible to find solutions to every problem in our country…I’d have a stress induced stroke on the first day. I can’t imagine that kind of pressure when you want to do good but have millions of people scutinizing your every move and fighting your changes just because they can, with libraries full of rules you must follow.

I have no answers but I do have a lot of questions as a Canadian who like 40 % of Canadians falls below the definition of Middle Class while working 50-60 hours a week to get by.

I’m not worried about the world stage, I am worried about how the Prime Minister cares for the people in Canada. Most Canadians pay over 42% of their income to taxes of one form or another, 1 in 5 children live in poverty, only 1 in 3 Canadians with mental health issues actually get treatment…and often it is not the treatment they need. More Canadian Veterans have died by suicide then died in Afghanastan. Our servicemen and women have been let down by our Country, how are you going to make it up to them and their families?

The 2014 Auditor Generals Report brought up some concerns I would like addressed too…rather than just spending the campaign telling me why not to vote for the other guy…tell me how you will help each Canadian man, woman and child. Not because they are a vote or have millions of dollars, not because it is a publicity opportunity or will get you in the paper.

I don’t want you and your friends to form a committee for the next two years where you sit in board rooms eating expensive muffins, drinking gourmet coffee collecting a big paycheque while discussing the crisis of First Nation Communities that have no clean water or families who choose between having food for the month or getting treatment and medication of an ill child. Only to emerge with a “report” that doesn’t say anything new and that has suggestions that will never be followed anyway.

Tell me how you are going to improve Canadian Health Care so that it isn’t about the latest technology and gaining World recognition but is about each patient receiving the care they need. How are you going to make sure there are enough nurses and Support workers on each floor or for each home patient? How are you going to make sure children in Canada are protected, nourished and encouraged. How are you going to ensure they are the leaders of the future and that our prisons will be no longer over crowded with prisoners being held in solitary confinement because there are not the resources to deal with their mental health issues?

Dear Prime Minister I know Politicians all care what we look like to the rest of the world and you have fancy meetings to go to with other politicians so you can take photographs together shaking hands and swearing to make the world a better place….but can you start by helping those at home. Do you need a huge entourage and staff, with cars flown overseas for you to give a political speech in the middle east? Is that as important as the youth who is living in poverty or fear of Canadian streets? People give speeches over the internet all the time, and it doesn’t cost as much…couldn’t you just phone it in sometimes…send your travel budget for that trip to a community that needs a hospital, more police or social services. What about the senior citizens that are not receiving the care they need, and all the baby boomers about to become seniors? How are you going to make each of their worlds a better place? What is your dementia strategy?

How are our youth who stay motivated and survive the horror of high school. They want to become leaders in their communities but how are they going to pay for post secondary education and how are you going to make it easier for them? What support will they have?

Can you ask the universities not to spend $10 000 on having one of you speak there and let them give it to a youth who needs help with tuition….Teach them you actually care by showing up to give the speech without the money being paid and without fishing for their votes. Don’t go there to tell them about you…go there to learn about them.

Before you ask a senior citizen or someone with a disability to live in the conditions you offer…will you live that way for a month? Spend a week in a long term care facility…actually spend the day visiting homecare clients that need support but are only offered an hour or two a week and told to fend for themselves. Find out what the government gives Canadians for care first hand. While you get huge pensions and paid mightily for the meetings you sit in discussing how there is no money for social services or more teachers or resources maybe you’ll make faster decisions to protect elderly against abuse and take care of children in need of protection. Tell me how 40% of Canadians who live below Middle Class are suppose to buy a house or survive when houses are a half a million dollars in some places and in other places you almost need to take out a second mortgage just to pay your bank fees or buy a loaf of bread.

I know the other guy didn’t have all the answers, I don’t expect you to either…but I would love to know what you think…not what you think about the other guy but what you think about the little guy like me.


A lower class Canadian Crazy lady.

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