Mrs. Universe….You Go Girl!!!

Mrs. Universe 2015, Ashley Burnham, You Go Girl! Don’t listen to those who say you are being too political…you are giving your title of Mrs. Universe more meaning and respect than the title is giving you. No one seems to want to talk about the issues facing First Nations communities, especially women. I am proud to be Canadian and to have you representing our country, our gender, our world.

You have not gained my respect because you are beyond gorgeous…you gained my respect because you want to change the world and are creating a world for yourself where you can do that. You have a worldwide platform and instead of wanting the spotlight for your accomplishments and beauty you are using the spotlight to change the world for others, to get people talking about issues rather than you. Thank you for being so much more than a beauty queen. Thank you for being a strong, proud Canadian, for being an incredible example of strength, courage and grace as a First Nations Canadian. Thank you for sharing your story to help other women find strength.

I was amazed to see on line criticism of you for being vocal about issues that need discussing. They have no problem with celebrities using their status and fame to promote sex, violence and immodesty…yet you promote cherishing women and empowering them with self esteem and a real voice and there are critics…well all I can say is Thank you Mrs. Universe for being a voice not an echo and for giving your title as Mrs. Universe, a woman and a human being true meaning.


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