9/11 Anniversary of an Act of Terror and Millions of Acts of Love


For a small group of terrorist 9/11 was meant to be the day that defeated America. An act that was meant to immobilize a nation, stunned them yes, but it is not their act of terror that we stop to remember today. It is millions of acts of love.

We think of the loved ones lost. We think of each act of love they ever performed or inspired. Today is an anniversary of their love and knowing how much each person lost is loved. It is a day we each went home and hugged our own loved ones a little tighter and a little longer. It is an anniversary of realizing just  in a deeper way just how much we love each of our loved ones.

We think of the heroes that ran towards the clouds of dust and fire to attempt to rescue anyone they could or help in any way possible. They raced forward with thoughts of thier loved ones, while bravely searching for strangers to save. Today is the anniversary of their acts of unconditional love and bravery.

Dog and Handler on Rubble Pile.

Dog and Handler on Rubble Pile.


Familes, neighbourhoods, communities, cities, nations came together to love and support those who mourned. We all mourned with them. When 9/11 happened I lived on the east coast of Canada. Thousands of people were stranded as planes were grounded. Maritimers stepped up with their whole hearts, minds and every resource they had to make sure all were met with love and kindness. Today is an anniversary of their service and kindness.

There is a video of the boats and crews in New York on 9/11 and the tireless acts of love they performed helping others who were in need. Today is an anniversary of their acts of love.

Yes we will forever remember those we lost, each is loved and missed deeply and we are forever changed by the act of Terrorism but it is the millions of acts of love that we hold in our hearts and truly reached our souls.


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