The Life Inside Of You


I had a dream the other night of a loved one who’s passed on

Asking what I hoped to do with life before that gift was gone.

I thought for a moment, “my life is good, I have everything I’ve wanted”,

And then I said outloud, This is like Scrooge when he was haunted.

So I asked what lessons should I learn, and what things do I need to do,

They got very stern and said “Find the life in you”.

So I pondered what could this mean, I like the life I live,

“There are places you haven’t been, and there is more you have to give”

You may have a happy life and everything is really good,

but the purpose of this gift…you’ve really misunderstood.

It’s not about finding those things and keeping them yourself,

It’s about creating them and then sharing the wealth.

When you have love and blessings they are your gift,

remember many live right now with strife who need a lift,

An amazing world is there in all it’s glory,

For you to explore and then retell the story,

People all over the earth have a gift to give,

but you’ll never know that if you don’t really live.

The incredible life that has been given to you,

can’t be a reality if you don’t see it through.

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