An Adventure…Outside My Comfort Zone


This has been probably one of the greatest years of self reflection for me. Many factors played into that. I watched my daughter conquer dragons in her life, she showed me a strength, courage, insight and inner beauty that has been inspiring and humbling every day.

My sista/bestie jumped out of a plane…for the second time. Which to me is more amazing than doing it just once because while there is the fear of the unknown the first time but you have something to prove, to go through that fear and adrenline rush a second time is awesome. I started to wonder why someone would do that. If the plane is in perfectly good working order I see absolutely no reason to jump out of it and plummet towards the earth….I am clumsy and forgetful with my feet on the ground. I don’t want to test that while hurling towards it. With my luck I would pull the safety harness release instead of the parachute. But I totally respect and understand my bestie or anyone else wanting to. It makes you feel alive. It is an experience unlike any other and indescribable to one who hasn’t felt that rush and experienced the beauty of the earth while floating towards it.

In the past year two people I have personally known have taken their own life. I have had another friend face life with courage and strength as she faced the loss of her sweet child after just a few short days on earth. This is also the ten year anniversary of my brother’s accident and his tragic passing. These lives cut so short have caused me to ponder what I am doing with my life. Don’t get me wrong. I am completely happy. I have loved ones that fill my life with joy, a home I feel safe and comfortable in, a life and career I love…It is a very comfortable life. I have my stresses as does anyone but I am comfortable with my life. Too comfortable. My life is routine. I am grateful for everything in it and appreciate the beauty around me…but that is a very familiar and small bubble of beauty….So in honour of my loved ones who are no longer with us I have decided to take my life out of the comfort zone and make it the adventure it was meant to be.

The great thing about an adventure is you know to expect the unexpected….so I don’t have to stress about things going wrong, because that is all part of what makes the story interesting. My mom has always said I am someone that if there is nothing to worry about…I will find a way to worry about that.

I have decided though that all the best stories have moments of anticipation, anxiety and spontaneous situations to deal with. It wouldn’t be an adventure if nothing interesting happened and everything went as planned.

So I will embrace the adventure as I head to Fort Myers for a week long working vacation. I am excited at the thought of new places to explore, beauty to see and life to experience. I am looking forward to blogging my way through my adventure so this blog will finally be about this crazy lady’s journey in this crazy world and not just the one with in my crazy comfort zone.

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1 Response to An Adventure…Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. Sista ! says:

    You really are my inspiration …… I have more to thank you for then you will ever know ….

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