A Moment Can Change Everything…

anthony robbins

A moment is such a short period of time, but can have ever lasting effect. One minute can change everything. It can be a moment of clarity, a moment of pain, sorrow, shame, honesty or joy. The moment you first hold your child, you are forever changed. The moment you get news a loved one is gone, or has a medical diagnosis that changes everything. The moment you get that job you have always dreamed of, or the moment a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.

A moment can change your views on life. The one where the missionaries knocked on our family door changed our family and each of our lives forever. We found faith, it took me decades to realize the importance of that moment.

Or the very second you find your passion in life. I know when I realized what I was meant to do it was life changing.

A moment you take a stand. It can define decisions years later in life…or that time you didn’t take a stand that still tops your list of regrettable moments.

A moment has the power to change everything. For you, for someone else…forever. Or it can be just another moment you let slip away. It isn’t about those in the past…though they are to be cherished and learned from. It isn’t about the moments to come, because everything could be different before that moment arrives. It’s about the power of this moment. The power you have to make it a moment of love and awesomeness. If things and events outside of our soul have the power to change us forever in just one moment…think of the power we have to change within ourselves.


What is in this moment may not be in the next. Good or bad. If this moment is a hard one, hold on…a better moment is coming, and if this moment is a good one…cherish it. Be grateful for every moment. You choose how this moment affects your life. It took me a long time to realize that. I let my mistakes or pain from the past suck the joy and potential from other moments in life. I needed to realize it wasn’t what was going on around me that chooses the quality of the moments in my life. It is my willingness to be present in that moment and grateful for it. A moment can change every thing and I can change every moment.


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