Be Kind


I was reading some news stories on line today. Each one was sad, disturbing, heart-wrenching. There was a story of children being abused, neglected and dying. Bodies of two more preschool children found in a storage locker. There were stories of fires where everyone lost everything and another where a 12 year old shot and killed an 11 year old. There was a story of someone killing themselves and another who killed their family. A teen girl raped by a group of boys. Robberies where toys for children who have nothing were stolen and another of a hate crime against someone just walking down the street. Each story was from current news. Each made me think of the survivors, the pain and loss, the anger and regrets. Lives falling apart at the hands of another. Worlds changed forever because of the dysfunctional, self absorbed world around them.

I often look through missing person pages on line. I have no way of helping these distraught families but I read of their loved one as a way to honour them. It is an unbearable burden to not know where a loved one is or if they are safe. Many families never have closure, spending the rest of their own lives wondering, worrying, waiting for answers. I think of them and pray for them often, but particularly at this time of year. A time for family. You want everyone there, all your loved ones safe and comfortable. It isn’t the gift from them you would miss if they weren’t there, it is the person you love.

Sometimes life gets busy or we get weighed down by the pressures of the day. Fighting our own battles. We can get preoccupied – having all our loved ones around us but not being with them. Sitting in a room staring at our phones or computers, watching television or day dreaming about being some place else. Being short in conversations because we are busy worrying about something in the future. I am trying to be more present in the moment. I need to stop worrying about the future and enjoy the present more. To appreciate my loved ones more and be completely grateful they are there. Love the moment I am in and be kind to all I meet because it may be a tough moment in their life that I can make just a little better by being kind.






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