Grover’s Excellent Adventure….What I’ve Learned So Far


Today marks forty-four years on this earth, so what have I learned on this most excellent adventure…

Everybody has their own trials. Don’t be one of them.

Compassion is always the right choice.

Don’t worry about who likes you. Cherish those who love you and love others no matter what.

Be ExcellentLife isn’t about what possessions, title or recognition one gets. It is about what love they have.  Don’t get me wrong…I’d love the chance to prove money wouldn’t change me…I’d never turn down a million or to be recognized and asked to speak at TedTalks but I couldn’t ask for a life filled with more treasure. I have a life filled with love.

I have learned I don’t need to point out idiotic behaviour when it is someone else’s– and someone will always point it out when it is mine.

Say sorry when I am wrong. In fact say sorry when I’m not…after all I am Canadian….and me. Sorry.

No one is perfect so don’t beat myself up because I am not, don’t pretend I am and don’t worry that everyone else really is. No one is perfect.

It is better to laugh than cry. Life is funny. Not always haha funny….but funny. Laugh til you cry and cry until you laugh.

The most important thing in life is unconditional love. There is no thing, no possession, no achievement that out shines pure unconditional love. There is no problem that is more importnat than love. If you can’t find it in yourself to unconditionally love someone at least show them kindness. Keep any judgement of another to yourself…it is your problem not theirs.

This is my life. It is my choice to live a life of love. It is not their responsibility to act loveable. Choose love anyway.

Life is about unconditionally loving myself too. This includes distancing myself from people who don’t unconditionally love me and embracing those who do. For a long time I was more comfortable with people who saw my faults as who I am but am now blessed with a life filled with those who love me for who I am. Strengths and weaknesses are all just me.

Most of all I have learned Life is an excellent adventure. There are good moments and bad ones but there is always love to find and blessings to be grateful for.





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