Dear Elderly…On Behalf Of Society I Apologize


I feel the need to apologize on behalf of society to our elderly and vulnerable. We have let you down. This is obvious to me with cases like that of RPN  Susan Muzylowsky who admitted to abusing 19 different residents under her care yet she is not being criminally charged. The two other nurses that knew of the abuse are still employed and the director of care who had abuse going on in their facility for a year claims ignorance and keeps her job. The “inspectors” responsible for investigating the abuse originally found no violations and everyone is “being educated on the importance of reporting abuse”…..

How is this possible? I am sorry to those who have loved ones in need of care. You must be terrified to know these things go on. Please know there are caregivers who will respect, love, worry about and care for your loved ones. There are caregivers who are physically ill by the thought of things like this going on. We refuse to conform to the money-saving corner cutting practises of healthcare. We take our time feeding, caring for, supporting each patient.

I hope the government will allow more elderly and vulnerable individuals to choose the care they recieve. Better care means better health- physically and mentally. Our system of housing and feeding the elderly is broken. We need to actually make changes that provide a whole health caring environment. Where residents are not rushed out of bed at 7 am for an assembly line breakfast to then sit in a wheelchair staring at the wall until lunch or all afternoon until supper. Staff only giving a few minutes of care or attention when absolutely called for. What happened to providing quality life. We extend peoples years to have them vulnerable and at risk of abuse.

There are executives in fancy offices making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to make excuses as to why more staff or better care is not in the budget. You deserve more. You deserve a loving, caring, safe and healthy home. You may not be able to stay in your home and family may not be able to take care of you….but you should know you will be respected, cared for and supported.

I am sorry we have let you down. I pray and hope one day those people in offices will stop seeing dollar signs and will start seeing a heartbeat. I will fight til my last breath that you may have love and dignity for each of yours.



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