PTSD is Courage


I have friends who have experienced or are struggling with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I wanted to share something I wrote for you.

PTSD is not trauma

From fighting a country’s war,

It comes from pain and fear

that shook you to your core,

Bravery is not found

when one’s life is going right,

It comes from surviving

your darkest, coldest night,

Prayers to your God

seem hopelessly ignored

So you muster every ounce

of courage you had stored,

You replay all the things

that went horribly wrong,

Taken back to that day

by just one smell or song,

No rockets ever fired ,

you didn’t wind up dead,

But your favorite place after that,

was the comfort of your bed,

The world changed in an instant

to never be the same,

Now you’re brought to tears

by a single word or name,

It hurts all over

the worst pain is in your heart,

And you feel on the verge

of falling apart,

Your soul has been altered,

Beyond anyone’s belief,

Your broken heart begs your mind

to find it some relief

Tears stain the pillow

as you physically weep,

Exhausted when you finally

cry yourself to sleep,

Your eyes start to focus

As you force yourself to say,

What battles must I fight

on this peaceful day.

It’s not a warzone

no one’s shooting with a gun,

But each day that you conquer,

many gruesome wars are won.

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