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True Love Is A Beautiful Mess

My parents just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. Several of their long time friends are also celebrating close to a half century of marriage. I have known these 10 or so couples most of my life and my best example … Continue reading

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Food and the World…

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In The End….It’s Love.

I have spent a great deal of time recently in the Palliative care unit. Each room within the Palliative has patients lying in hospital bed, in a hospital gown, made as comfortable as possible Each treated with the same compassion, … Continue reading

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Who Are You? Not Who You Think!!!

Who are you? Hmmm. What would your answer be? Some will answer quickly with all the things they use to define themselves- with their name or occupation, wth their marital status or role in their world. Some define who they … Continue reading

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Dear Elderly…On Behalf Of Society I Apologize

I feel the need to apologize on behalf of society to our elderly and vulnerable. We have let you down. This is obvious to me with cases like that of RPN  Susan Muzylowsky who admitted to abusing 19 different residents … Continue reading

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I Wish I Had…

You would travel to a funeral, To say your last good-bye, Standing over the coffin, You all have a good cry, You’d say how much you love them, But how it’d been a while, Thinking of the times you had, … Continue reading

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Grover’s Excellent Adventure….What I’ve Learned So Far

Today marks forty-four years on this earth, so what have I learned on this most excellent adventure… Everybody has their own trials. Don’t be one of them. Compassion is always the right choice. Don’t worry about who likes you. Cherish … Continue reading

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